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Hey there!

I received my esthetician license six years ago in Virginia, where I was currently doing skincare and waxing. Shortly after getting my esthetician license, I began working for Changes City Spa, where I gained so much knowledge on the Rhonda Allison product line. After working for a year at Changes City Spa, I relocated back to my hometown in Scottsdale and received reciprocity in Arizona. I began working for Life Spa where I learned how to do HydraFacials, full-body waxing, and chemical peels, while also gaining more knowledge of the Circadia product line. It was at Life Spa that I got my first full set of eyelash extensions by an amazingly talented lash artist, and the rest was history! I loved how they made me feel and of the convenience of just being able to wake-up and go.  

From there, I decided to leave Life Spa and expand my knowledge in all things beauty, starting with lashes. I started working at Amazing Lash Studio, and after three years, I became the studio director. I loved teaching fellow esthetician and cosmetologist on the different varieties and styles of lashes, and how to apply them correctly. I was also working at Arizona Beauty Company for six months and in that time, I learned so much about the business side of this industry. Additionally, I was taught spray tanning in Las Vegas by one of the best, Melissa Weinberg, and solely use her amazing solutions.

More about me!

My husband is my biggest supporter! I would not have my business without him! For the last 4 years of my career before I had my business I have worked for corporations and had always been rushed, more quantity over quality. Well now I can take my time and make everyone feel welcome and want to come back to see me and the work I do. My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Come see what I have to offer for everyone and let me bring change into your future!

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